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Friday, November 08, 2002 | link to this post

Stupid Gadget of the Week

So you feel that your life has lost it's meaning. That nothing really matters anymore. You find yourself walking sadly through empty alleys at midnight. You wonder what went wrong in you life and how can you get right back on top. So stop worrying right now. All you ever needed is right here. It's the revolutionary Thermospoon. So you can forget burning yourself while eating soup, or freezing to death when trying to eat ice cream. So everything is solved and your life is back on track again. All your thanks and prayers, must be directed to the fantastic Thermospoon. If you thought your life problems couldn't be solved with something material, think again, think Thermospoon.

This is a new section by the way, updated as the name clearly states, weekly. Stupid and useless gadgets are always fun, especially because we all wish we had them, um, at least subconsciously...well dammit, I admit it, I want a spoon that tells me the temperature of stuff!

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 8:43 AM

Tuesday, November 05, 2002 | link to this post

Check it out!

If you look to your right, you will see a fantastic new feature of Free Fast Thoughts: a poll. Ok, you can stop cheering now. So this first poll is just to try it out, since of course, I know you all love me. But anyways, I guess it makes the site more interactive. So interact!

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 6:34 PM