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Saturday, November 16, 2002 | link to this post

Facing Fate

I dialed. I didn't say a word, she spoke right away:

Girl: You called. I knew you would. It had to be like this.
Me: Is this fate?
Girl: Yes. It is fate.
I was silent for about two minutes.
Me: What do we do now?
Girl: We begin.
Me: That's what we do?
Girl: Yes. Destiny brought us to this exact place and time. I knew it the second I saw you, I just felt it. I had never felt something like that before. I didn't even believe in fate until I saw you. But what happens now is up to us.

I went to her house, exactly one hour after calling her. We went out to walk in the starry night. We walked, holding hands. And she kissed me just as it began to rain again.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 5:17 PM

Friday, November 15, 2002 | link to this post

Date with destiny

I thought and thought. Free and fast in the rising heat of the day. And when the time had come, I still hadn't made up my mind. I sat in front of the telephone for almost two hours. All these images flashing through my head; about me, about her. I checked the time, and I only had 5 minutes left. I stood up. My life wasn't ruled by fate. I went outside. It was darker than any other night. I sat on the only chair I have in my garden, to let time pass until it was too late to call. It started to rain, just a little, on what had been the hottest day of the year so far. I had to go back inside. I looked at my watch, and with 10 seconds left and my hands trembling, I picked up the phone and dialed...

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 8:48 PM

Thursday, November 14, 2002 | link to this post


I haven't been able to sleep. I can't make up my mind. I know what you commented might be true Joe. She doesn't really know me. But what if it's something so much bigger than that? What if it truly is fate? What if I'm meant to be with her and I let her go forever?
But I wouldn't ever hurt a girl, and even less a girl so sweet as she seems to be. So I don't want to call her just to see where it leads me. I want to make the right choice. I just don't know what that might be.
Does fate exist?
I have twenty four hours to find out.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 5:07 PM

Wednesday, November 13, 2002 | link to this post

Do I believe in fate?

Two posts in one day? Yup, that's right. Must be something in the water. So listen. Today, by some weird reason, I went to class. So I was there, half asleep pretending to be interested, when this girl that was sitting next to me, whose name I didn't even know until today, grabs my notebook, and starts writing. She hands it back just before the class ends, and leaves. So I read it, and it says:
I see you everyday. At least the days you come. I know this will be strange for you when you read it, but the year is ending and I promised myself I'd do this before it was over and I never saw you again. I know we haven't even spoken, but I believe in fate. I think I'm in love with you. If you feel it too, if you believe in fate, call me before friday night.
She wrote her name and her number after that. And I sat, motionless, for 30 minutes after the class was over. Now, I'm thinking about fate.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 4:00 PM

| link to this post

Of ghosts and doorbells

My best friend since I was 6 came to see me yesterday. We almost grew up together, and we started to remember one of our classic child adventures. Next to my house lives an old old man, who never leaves his house or let's anyone in. And of course, when we were kids, every time we played anything in my house, a ball or whatever it was, ended up falling into his house and we'd have to go rescue it. As the old man didn't open his door when we rang the doorbell, we had to sneak in. This happened almost every day and we were pretty sure one day we'd be caught as we had seen him staring through a small hole in his always closed windows. But when we saw him, we just ran away, so we survived.
So yesterday me and my friend decided it was time to turn back time and visit the old man's house, assuming he should by now be dead. The house looks like nobody has lived there for at least 50 years. So we pushed the gate, that was open, and entered. We walked through the side of the house to the backyard and sat beneath an old tree.
We talked a lot; we hadn't been in that house for almost 7 years. We were about to leave, when a door in the back of the house opened. And through it walked what seemed to be a ghost. It crept towards us, until we finally saw his face. He was alive, the old man still lived. He didn't seem to mind that someone had trespassed into his house and he sat down in front of us. We sat still and quiet, feeling like we were 13 years old again, and finally caught.
Old Man: So it's you...
Friend: Sir, we...
Old Man: I remember you two.
Me: You do?
Old Man: Of course I do, sneaking into my house everyday. I always thought you were girls.
Me: Sir?
Old Man: Girls. I thought you were girls. Always running away.
For the first time we talked and laughed with old man. Probably the first people he had spoken to in almost 20 years.
Old Man: Im glad you are not girls. Girls scare me. Why didn't you ever ask for permission to enter my house? Why did you always just go in?
Friend: We always rang your doorbell, you never answered. Everyone said that you never let anyone in.
Old Man: My doorbell? Oh, that old thing has been broken down for almost 30 years now. Thought everyone knew that.
We left the house, probably for the last time. But this time the old man opened the gate and showed us the way out.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 9:49 AM

Monday, November 11, 2002 | link to this post

Popular Girl: The Reunion

I went out saturday night and it wasn't supposed to be anything special, just a party, but it ended up being some sort of high school reunion. And yes, for those who read this post, she was there, Popular Girl was there.
I was sitting down, listening to Drops of Jupiter while I waited for a friend to return from the bathroom. Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I slowly turned around.
Popular Girl: I can't believe it's you!! It's been so long!
She screamed some more obvious things while I sat there, still, thinking about how life sometimes does give you second chances.
Me: It's nice to see you.
Popular Girl: Yeah. So are you still single?
Ok, so she obviously had had lots and lots of drinks. But even so, in some twisted way, things seemed to be shaping up. I had already taken the difficult road with her some years ago, so now maybe it was time to take the other one. While I thought of this, destiny once again showed me the way when she spoke.
Popular Girl: So can you take me home?
Me: Sure. Let's go.
And once again, we were in her room. Time seemed to have gone back, to let me choose again. And there I stood again, with a drunk Popular Girl lying on her bed, asking me if I would ever kiss her. I guess maybe all those years between the first time I left her and this night, have taught me nothing. Or maybe I learned everything. But once again, I made up my mind, and once again, having her, I decided to speak.
Me: You're drunk.
Popular Girl: It doesn't matter. This should have happened so many years ago when you left my room. Don't leave again. I may be drunk but I know what I want.
Me: So do I. And believe me, what I want has nothing to do with kissing you while you're drunk.
Popular Girl: I guess you haven't changed that much. You blew your second and last chance with a girl like me, you know...
After that, she fell asleep. I got her into her bed, and left her room, once again knowing I probably was the stupidest person on earth, but once again feeling so right.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 8:07 AM