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Tuesday, November 26, 2002 | link to this post

date two: meet the parents

Things slowed down a little after the first date. We talked on the phone a lot, and decided to go out again. This time I left my house earlier, to have some extra time if anything unexpected happened again. I got to her house 15 minutes early, and thought that this was just a glmpse of how smoothly things would work out that night. I got out of my car, and as I was about to ring the doorbell, the front door opened. Her parents were going out to have dinner.
Father: So you must be the boy our daughter has been talking about.
Me: I hope so.
I try to be funny when I'm nervous. It doesn't work.
Mother: Well I'm glad we met you. I think we are still early for dinner, let's go inside and get to know this boy better dear.
So inside we went and with that my hope of having a nice night out started to fade. My girl was still getting dressed, and nowhere to be seen.
We sat down, and it began.

Father: How long have you known my daughter?
Me: Not long enough sir. I mean, long enough to know I like her, not long enough as I would like to.
Father: Yes, very nice. Do you know why she broke up with her last boyfriend?
Me:: Sir?
Luckily his wife saw where things were headed, and spoke.
Mother: Dear, we should better be going.
The father looked at me as if trying to kill me with his stare.
Father: We will continue this conversation.
And they left. I sat there, half dead and pondering if it would really be that bad to run through the front door screaming and never return.
As I thought that, she appeared. She looked beautiful. And my feet calmed down and my eyes stopped looking at the door.
Girl: Im ready. I guess you got to meet my parents?
Me: Yes.
Girl: And what do you think? My dad can be a little scary sometimes.
Me: Scary? Really? They seem to be really nice people. Hope to get to know them better.
Girl: I'm sure you will.
She took my hand and we got out of the house. Meanwhile, I thought that obviously something so good, couldn't have been that easy. Not in this world at least.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 3:26 PM