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Saturday, March 08, 2003 | link to this post

See the stars? Nominate a blog for TFSA 2003!

There's no doubt that by now you've already seen all the breaking news on CNN about The Frozen South Awards 2003.
So come on and nominate a blog for the best blog category by submitting the blog's url in the blue form at the right side of the site. Remember you have just got until sunday to nominate a blog, and after that you'll be able to vote for you favorite among the nominees. So if you haven't done so, hurry up and submit your favorite blog or even your own.
Wasn't the post before this one about the same thing you ask? Yes, but...well, if someone had actually read it I wouldn't have been forced to repeat this. So come on and nominate a blog.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 2:13 PM

Friday, March 07, 2003 | link to this post

Everything glitters: The Frozen South Awards 2003!

Huh? Awards? Yeah, that's right. There are already so many weblog awards that one more couldn't hurt. So here's how it works.
Nice readers as yourself, submit a site using the form at the right side of this page (the blue form). You have 3 days to submit sites, and after that, I'll post the nominees and you can vote for your favorite.
You may have questions, so I'll give you answers before you even ask:
1. Can I submit my own site? Yes, you absolutely can.
2. Can I submit all the sites I want? Yes.
3. Do I have to give a real name, e-mail or url to submit a site or to vote? No, you can have all the fun you want making up weird urls.
4. Will I be able to vote all the times I want? Nope, just once.
5. Is there only one category? This time, yes. The only category is Best Blog.
6. Will the winner become rich and famous? Probably not, but who knows. At least they'll get some links.
7. Then, why the hell should I participate? It could actually be fun, maybe.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 4:01 PM

Wednesday, March 05, 2003 | link to this post

As if life wasn't funny enough: Popular Girl, the revenge

After her first and second appearances, Popular Girl had decided to lay low, but today, in all her glory, she returned.
I was happily buying some stuff at the supermarket, when she approached me from behind.
Popular Girl: Well, I never though I'd see you again.
Me: Uh...I...I've never been invisible.
Bad answer? Yeah, of course. But my mind was racing furiously, imagining every possible scenario. All of them included both of us, once again in her room, and me once again having to choose between her and the door. I couldn't stop thinking if all of this meant something, the third time with her. Should I finally go for it?
In a second, she made things really easy for me.
Popular Girl: I'm pretty sure you are the stupidest guy I have ever met.
After that, she turned away and left, and every single window in the supermarket reflected her smile.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 8:46 PM

Tuesday, March 04, 2003 | link to this post

Hey! What's that you are writing? Are you reviewing me?

I submitted my site for a review at The Weblog Review. And I liked the review I got. Anyways, I'm pretty sure that the reviewer enjoyed more the comments of you readers than my posts. Well, that makes sense, since I like them more too. So I wanna thank the reviewer for doing a good job, and well, and for not destroying my site.
"Another unexpected plus point of The Frozen South is the comments between The Frozen Guy and regular readers. Amidst the predictable warm support and encouragement, there are personal stories shared by the readers in response to The Frozen Guy's posts. Of course, the best ones are the ones that come after the posts about his love life."
That's a bit of the review I got. Now that the site has been officially reviewed, I feel more professional. And add this to my fantastic fake award and well, I think you should call me Sir, or maybe Your Majesty. Yeah, that will do.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 3:09 PM

Monday, March 03, 2003 | link to this post

Old school

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 10:16 AM