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Saturday, May 03, 2003 | link to this post

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

So I went out with Conflict Girl, absolutely sure that I was making one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
We went to the movies. Midway through the movie she leaned on my shoulder and stayed like that until the movie ended. When everyone had left, we were still sitting together in the empty room. And she spoke really softly:
Conflict Girl: I can't believe you actually came...
Me: Me neither.
Conflict Girl: Do you really think I'm worth all these?
Me: I'm not sure.
She looked at me for a minute, and then she kissed me.
The credits were still playing.
And she kissed me until they ended. And then she stopped and looked at me again.
Conflict Girl: Was it worth it?
Me: I'm not sure.
She kissed me again, just for a second and then stood up.
Conflict Girl: That is all there is. I hope you didn't really think this would be a serious relationship. It won't even be a relationship. Take care.
And with that, she left.
The movie was about to start again. As new people started entering the theater, I left alone.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 7:18 PM

Thursday, May 01, 2003 | link to this post

Falling Down

Conflict Girl called me yesterday. She really caught me by surprise since I was pretty sure I wouldn't hear from her again. The weird part is: she called to ask me out.
I couldn't actually speak. After all she had told me, she wanted to go out? Had I been talking to her evil twin sister? I really didn't understand. But she sounded like the same cruel girl as always, so the answer was clear. I decided to be firm, maybe even a little rude. As she waited for an answer, I thought about the most effective way to say no.
The only words that came out of my mouth were:
Me: Yeah, sure. When?
I still can't believe I said that and I really don't know why. It just came out. At least she got a good laugh, and managed to say "I knew it" before she hanged up the phone.

Posted by The Frozen Guy | 8:39 AM